Homeland Security Planner’s Course (HLSPC)

Homeland Security Planner’s Course (HLSPC)

The course is designed to educate military and interagency planners in homeland security, homeland defense and civil support, national and DOD level strategy, policy, plans, and joint and national planning processes in order to meet national security planning requirements.


Homeland Defense Operational FrameworkOn behalf of the staff and faculty, welcome to the Homeland Security Planner‘s Course (HLSPC) Homepage. HLSPC is a 40-hour, certificate-granting course in homeland defense and security matters with an interagency focus. The course will enroll roughly equal numbers of military and interagency participants. Course content focuses on the military perspective of homeland security and is designed to prepare U.S. military officers and U.S. Government civilians for participation in homeland security planning and response.


HLSPC is a 40-hour certification course taught at the Joint Forces Staff College. The course is designed to educate U.S. mid-grade officers (04 and 05) in homeland security matters such national-level HLS policy, strategy, and plans; Department of Defense HLS policy, strategy, and plans; joint planning processes; and the HLS interagency process. HLSPC is certified to grant 1 JQO point for participation.


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Last Updated: 23 March 2011


US Coast Guard Ship
  • Be a Commissioned U.S. Officer, Grade O-4 and above, or U.S. Government civilian of equivalent rating. Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (E7 thru E-9) selected based on organizational need and position.
  • Contractors must be filling a full time position at USNORTHCOM or Department of Homeland Security to be considered.
  • Have credit for JPME Phase I at an Intermediate Service School or an approved equivalent (waived for Non-DoD civilians) or SEJPME for Senior NCOs (waived for MTTs).
  • USCG members must contact LANTAREA Operations Performance Analysis Branch (LANT-73) for a quota.
  • Interested individuals should apply via the JFSC website.
  • No security clearance required.

Last Updated: 29 November 2012


Notional Relationship Chart The curriculum for HLSPC consists of 40 hours of instruction conducted through informal lectures, guided discussion, guest speakers, and case studies. The course concludes with an 8-hour computer-assisted simulation exercise in homeland security consequence management.


For information reguarding HLSPC:

Email: HLS@ndu.edu

Last Updated: 22 March 2011

HLSPC Schedule

Homeland Security Planner's Course

HLSPC Class 14-4 21 - 25 Jul 14 CLOSED
The Homeland Security Planner's Course has been suspended effective 1 April 2014 pending final resolution.

To register for an OPEN Course, please email: JFSC Registrar.

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