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A few items to note for the JC4ICSOC:

Graduates of JC4ICSOC are awarded 2.0 Joint Qualified Officer points, in accordance with CJCSM 3500.03D.

A graduation requirement for JC4ICSOC is a paper on a topic of the student's choice, as long as it is relevant and beneficial to others. A relevant topic will be something derived from CJCSI 6245.01A: Joint Policy, Doctrine and Strategy; Fundamentals to include, Legal, Intelligence, Space Operations, Spectrum, Electronic Warfare, Information Operations, and Cyberspace Operations; Systems and Networks, C4I/Cyber Initiatives; and National, Joint and Service Command and Control. The paper will be UNCLASSIFIED, 5-7 pages, double spaced, 11-12 point font, one inch margins, with a minimum of two sources. Additionally, students will be required to present their papers as classroom presentations during the third week of the in-residence portion. The presentations will be at least 10 to 15 minutes, plus a five minute Q&A session (which may go to a higher classification).

The JC4ICSOC is not a planning course. The course does include an overview of both the joint operational planning process (JOPP) and joint communications systems planning in order to enhance joint C4I situational awareness and planning skills. However, the level of instruction purposefully avoids technical planning. Also, given the broad array of student backgrounds, JOPP and mission analysis discussions and applications fall into the "analyze" and "evaluate" category of learning versus actually "creating" planning products.

Army officers (Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve) who attend the three week JC4ICSOC are eligible to receive an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) 3K, Joint Command, Control, Communications Staff and Operations. Graduates can update this on their Officer Record Brief (ORB) under the military education field by providing a copy of the JC4ICSOC graduation certificate to their local servicing unit MILPO or National Guard/reserve administrative support unit. JC4ICSOC course code is listed as "DMJ" for awarding of the ASI annotation.

Non-FOUO Unclassified briefings will be placed on Blackboard for student access.

Last Update: 23 November 2015

Defense Information Services Agency Training Branch

DISA’s Training Branch supports the DOD-wide IA education, training and awareness program. The branch develops and maintains curricula to support the DOD IA professional and user certification programs, and disseminates IA products to meet DOD-wide IA training and awareness requirements.

Information Assurance Courses - School of Information Technology, Ft Gordon, GA.

The Information Assurance (IA) Division, U.S. Army School of Information Technology, provides high quality Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense training and certification for Department of Defense personnel worldwide. Training is primarily for Department of Army personnel, but personnel from all services and other federal agencies are authorized to attend.

Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Systems Curriculum - Department of Information Science, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

This is a two (2) year Masters Degree program of study aimed at selected officers from all Services. This course is offered one (1) time per year. The Dept. of Info Science also offers Masters Degree programs of study in Information Systems Technology, Information Warfare, and Information Systems and Operations.

Joint Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Planners Course (JC4PC) - School of Information Technology, Warrant Officer Division, Fort Gordon, Georgia.

This is a four (4) week course aimed at selected officers, warrant officers, and senior enlisted from all Services. This course is offered five (5) to six (6) times per year with each class limited to about 22 students.

Last Updated: 20 March 2014

JC2IOS Courses

Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/Cyber Staff and Operations Course (JC4ICSOC)

JC2IOS   Class 19-1 (TS/SCI)  28 Jan - 15 Feb 19
JC2IOS   Class 19-2 (TS/SCI)  11 Mar 19 - 29 Mar 19  
JC2IOS   Class 19-3 (TS/SCI)  29 Apr - 17 May 19  
JC2IOS   Class 19-4 (TS/SCI)  8 Jul - 26 Jul 19  
JC2IOS   Class 19-5 (TS/SCI)  9 Sep - 27 Sep 19  
JC2IOS  Class 19-6 (TS/SCI)  21 Oct - 08 Nov 19  
JC2IOS   Class 20-1 (TS/SCI) 27 Jan - 14 Feb 20  
JC2IOS  Class 20-2 (TS/SCI) 9 Mar - 27 Mar 20  
 JC2IOS  Class 20-3 (TS/SCI) 4 May - 22 May 20  
JC2IOS   Class 20-4 (TS/SCI) 13 Jul - 31 Jul 20   
 JC2IOS  Class 20-5 (TS/SCI) 14 Sep - 2 Oct 20  
 JC2IOS Class 20-6 (TS/SCI) 19 Oct - 06 Nov 20  
To register for any JC4ICSOC class listed above,
please complete the JC4ICSOC Course Application Form, at this link: .
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Registration closes TWO weeks prior to class commencing.
The link below is to an article published by a former student about the course:

Note: If you have not heard back within 3 business days from application submission, please call JC4ICSOC Course Administrator at 757-443-6338 to ensure we are in receipt of your application.
*Note: All JC4ICSOC classes require a TS/SCI security clearance. Please ensure you have this level of clearance before making contact.
**Note: National Capital Region Field Studies Trip will require unit funding (approx. $600) for ALL students.  If creating orders in DTS, please use Linthicum, Maryland as the per diem destination for the four-day trip (occurs Monday-Thursday during week two of the course).
All Classes are Subject to Cancellation