Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner's Course (JIMPC)

Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner's Course (JIMPC)

The Joint Interagency Multinational Planner's Course (JIMPC) is a specialized short course addressing the dynamic challenges confronting mid-grade civilian and military planners who conduct interagency coordination for complex contingencies overseas. The five day long course educates officers in the transforming organizations and processes that are being developed to improve a whole-of-government comprehensive approach to solving complex contingencies. This course educates officers in the latest developments in interagency coordination and serves as a forum for an exchange of best practices.



On behalf of the Commandant, welcome to the Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner’s Course (JIMPC) Homepage. JIMPC is a 34-hour course in joint, interagency and multinational planning matters, with emphasis on transformational initiatives in organizations and processes to enable improved interagency coordination. The course will be for U.S. military and U.S. Government civilians, and coalition partners from other countries with a focus on planning for interagency operations.


JIMPC is a five day, 34-hour, seminar taught by the Joint Forces Staff College, National Defense University. The course is designed to educate officers in the grades of 04-06 and civilian equivalents in national security policy, interagency process, and joint and multinational operations planning with focus on a whole-of-government comprehensive approach necessary to effectively implement national policy at the operational level.

Prerequisites For JIMPC

  • Be a commissioned officer, grades O-4 and above, or U.S. Government civilian of equivalent rating. Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (E7 and above) are selected based on organizational need and position.
  • Non-U.S. Government civilians may be enrolled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interested individuals should register electronically. They will be advised of their acceptence into the 30-person seminar.
  • Officers who have had experience in complex contingency operations or reconstruction and stabilization, or expect to be assigned to staffs that plan those operations will have preference.
  • USCG members must contact LANTAREA Operations Performance Analysis Branch (LANT-73) for a quota.

Course Description for JIMPC

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Course Content

The Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner’s Course (JIMPC) is a five day, 40 hour, course for government personnel (military and civilian) along with international partners at the O4-O6 level (or civilian equivalent) to engage in a 30 person seminar to enhance planning skills necessary to be more fully enabled planners for a unified commander in answering the challenges of complex contingencies and effective campaign planning.


The course initially frames the strategic environment that faces this nation and our allies as we transform organizations and processes to more effectively answer the challenges of current defense planning scenarios. The seminar will examine the Ends, Ways and Means of present strategy by laying a basic understanding of national security policy and the family of national strategies which frame our planning efforts. Next the course focuses on the various players and their respective agencies in this complex environment followed by an examination of the various planning processes that are used to implement numerous elements of national power. The foregoing lays the foundation for participants to interact in a final planning simulation that will be reviewed by a senior mentor.


JIMPC is conducted in a dynamic seminar environment, using informal lectures, guided discussions, guest presentations by subject matter experts as well as case studies to examine the adaptive planning processes as they pertain to Interagency issues and operations. This provides a common framework and a shared understanding on how best to implement the various instruments of power in answering strategic challenges. The capstone of the course is the exercise, COHERENT KLUGE, that enables participants the opportunity to work as a Joint Inter-Agency Coordination Group (JIACG) in order to advise the unified commander.

JIMPC Course Schedule

Joint, Interagency and Multinational Planner's Course

JIMPC 14-03 08 - 12 Sep 14 CLOSED
JIMPC 14-04 01 - 05 Dec 14 CLOSED
The Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner's Course has been suspended effective 1 April 2014 pending final resolution.

To register for an OPEN Course, please email: JFSC Registrar.

Thank you, Registrar Division


No Security Clearance is required for JIMPC at this time; however, a security clearance may be required for future JIMPC courses.

A notice of this requirement will be posted on this website.

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