Joint Transition Course is designed for students who are attending JCWS and have not completed Joint Professional Military Education, Phase I. The course provides an overview of DOD Planning Systems, Joint Planning, U.S. Service component perspectives, Operational Warfare, Contingency Planning, and Crisis Action Planning. All international officer students, DOD and Interagency civilians, and U.S. military officers who have not completed Phase I education are required to attend JTC with an approved direct entry waiver.

Joint Transition Course Class Schedule*

Monday, 13 June 2016 Lesson Instructor 
0800-0815 Welcome Director, Joint Combined Warfighting School 1 CAPT Maxwell
0815-0915 JTC Introduction & Course Overview 1 Oden/Wingenbach
0930-1050 Warfare, Operational Art and the Operating Environment 2 Prof. Dicks
1100-1130 Class/Student Photo   Mr. McManaway
1130-1230 Lunch    
1230-1320 Organizational Structure for Defense Planning 3A Lt Col Wingenbach
1330-1420 Service Component Army 3B  LTC Taylor
1430-1520 Service Component Marine Corps 3C LtCol Cuningham
1520-1600 Review and Administrative Time (Homework)   Oden/Wingenbach


Tuesday, 14 June 2016 Lesson Instructor
0800-0810 Admin IMSO    
0810-0900 Service Component Navy 3D CDR Wofford
0910-1000 Service Component Air Force 3E Lt Col Roberts
1010-1140 Functional Component Special Operations 3F Mr. Bennett
1140-1240 Lunch    
1240-1410 Department of Defense Planning Systems 4 Prof McKean
1420-1600 Intro to Op Design and JOPP 6A/B LTC Taylor
1600-1610 Review and Administrative Time   Oden/Wingenbach


Wednesday, 15 June 2016 Lesson Instructor
0800-0810 Admin IMSO    
0810-0930 Operational Approach 5 Prof. Ruedisueli
0940-1110 Plan Development: Force, Support, Transportation Planning 6C Dr. Roemmich
1100-1210 Lunch    
1210-1310 Introduction to Theater Campaign Planning 6D Prof. Highland
1320-1505 Crisis Action Planning 7 Lt Col Stenzel
1515-1600 Review and Administrative Time    Oden/Wingenbach


Thursday, 16 June 2016 Lesson Instructor
0800-0810 Admin IMSO    
0810-0900 The Comprehensive Approach 8 Prof Yeomans
0910-1000 Joint Transition Exercise (JTEX) Overview 9A Prof Yeomans
1010-1200 JTEX 9B Students
1200-1300 Lunch    
1300-1500 JTEX 9B Students
1510-1600 Introduction to Assessment Instrument 10A Wingenbach


Friday, 17 June 2016 Lesson Instructor
0800-0840 Admin/Review Time   Oden/Wingenbach
0850-1130 JTEX Briefs 9B Oden/Wingenbach
1140-1210 Assessment 10B Oden/Wingenbach
1220-1300 Closing   Oden/Wingenbach

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*Class schedule is subjected to change.

Last Updated: 25 March 2016