Online Education at JCWS


Commitment: Prospective students should plan on full days of instruction with a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous methods of instruction

  • Expect an average of 2-4 hrs of synchronous class per day
  • The remainder of your time will be spent reading, writing, collaborating in small groups and responding to asynchronous lessons (i.e. Discussion boards)


Time Zones: Seminars are arranged by time zone as much as possible to facilitate collaboration between students

  • European based Seminars can anticipate a later work day (i.e. 1300 and on)
  • East and Central based Seminars can anticipate a fairly routine workday
  • West Coast and Asia-Pacific based Seminars can anticipate a variety of different schedules as a function of the wide grouping of time zones we have historically pushed into this group. Our faculty will work evenings and students will work anything from afternoon into evening hours all the way to very early morning classes (Japan/Korea and further West Time Zones)


Please ensure you accurately fill out your NDU questionnaire and that your Service knows where you will be taking the course from. 


This is a full time endeavor, just like coming to Norfolk TDY.  Do not plan on maintaining a commitment to your current or future position if mid-PCS.  If your command is not willing to lose you for 10 weeks, consider shifting to a future class