Computer Pre-requisite Requirements:

Presently, JFSC is using Windows 7 Enterprise as its primary operating system.   Students are issued a government laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise installed.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint) is installed on all computers to handle word processing, spreadsheets, database manipulation, and slide presentations. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on all computers to permit reading and printing of pdf files.

Students are provided with a Microsoft Outlook profile for emailing and managing personal information.
Students have 24-hour, 7-day access to Normandy Hall, our main building on campus. Each seminar is assigned four computers to be shared by all students.

1.    Option A: 
Attach branch specific Information Assurance Cyber Awareness Version 4.0 (1 hr.) course certificate file to an email and send it to NDU_JFSC_IMO@NDU.EDU.

2.    Option B:

a.    Go to:

b.    Take course with title "Cyber Awareness Challenge Department of Defense Version 4.0”.

c.    Attach copy of your training “certificate” in an email and send email to NDU_JFSC_IMO@NDU.EDU (screenshots, non-Cyber Awareness IA trainings, training less than the Cyber Awareness Version 4.0 will not suffice for the required training).

*Note: If for some reason you are unable to accomplish this training prior to your arrival, be advised that there is a very short grace period after your arrival that allows you to complete the training while allowing access to network services. Should you have questions or need additional instructions with completing the form and/or training, please contact the Joint Forces Staff College IMO office at: 757.443.6056/6058/6026/6053.  

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