All US Military and Civilian students attending courses through the Norfolk campus are expected to complete the on-line and on-campus admissions requirements listed below as soon as possible.

Pre-Registration Checklists

Course Checklist Availability 
JAWS 22-23 Not Available
JCWS 22-1 In-Resident (Norfolk, VA)


JCWS 22-1 Satellite (Colorado Springs, CO)


JCWS 22-2 In-Resident (Norfolk, VA)

Not Available

JCWS 22-2 Satellite (Doral, FL and Tampa, FL)

Not Available

JCWS 22-3 In-Resident (Norfolk, VA) Not Available
JCWS 22-3 Satellite (Omaha, NE) Not Available
JCWS 22-4 In-Resident (Norfolk, VA) Not Available
JCWS 22-4 Satellite (Stuttgart, GE) Not Available
JCWS-H 22-1


JCWS-H 22-2


JCWS-H 22-3


JC2IOS Not Available

Program Websites

In addition to the university-level requirements listed on this page, military students should review their college website for additional requirements and guidance to incoming students.

In-processing Guidance for US Military and Civilian Students at Norfolk Campus
Military members will report in Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) equivalent uniform (USA, USSF, USAF); Service uniform (USN, USMC, and USCG) to Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall, Bldg SC-1, Norfolk for in-processing with your respective service representative.  Upon reporting, bring a copy of your travel orders and leave form, as applicable.  As a reminder, all military members must meet their Services’ weight and/or fitness standards (provide last APFT).
NOTE 1:  Students must bring service dress uniform for graduation (Class B or equivalent).
NOTE 2   JPME Students should also bring civilian “business casual” attire for training at off-site locations.
NOTE 3:  In-resident students are required to participate in organized acculturation activities. Please bring appropriate attire to support. 
  1. For Spring, Summer and Fall Classes (Mar- Sep start dates) its Softball
  2. For Winter Class (January start date) its Volleyball
Course Location Time Slot
JCWS JTC Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall
First Floor Lobby, Quarter Deck
JCWS 22-1 Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall
First Floor Lobby, Quarter Deck

US Military- 0730

Interagency - 0815

International - Guidance by IMSO
JCWS 22-2
JCWS 22-3
JCWS 22-4
JCWS-H 22-1 Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall
First Floor Lobby, Quarter Deck 
F2F1: 11-15 Apr 2022
F2F2: 12-23 Sep 2022
JCWS-H 22-2 Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall
First Floor Lobby, Quarter Deck
F2F1: 16-20 May 2022
F2F2: 17-28 Oct 2022
JCWS-H 22-3 Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall
First Floor Lobby, Quarter Deck
F2F1: 6-10 Jun 2022
F2F2: 7-18 Nov 2022
JC2IOS Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall, Fourth Floor, SCIF  0730

Points of Contact

For any enrollment or registration questions, please contact the JFSC Registrar’s office via email at  

For JCWS Enrollment

  1.  US Military students should contact their service-specific JPME II coordinator concerning quota availability and selection.  Click here for a list of the “Service JPME II Coordinators
  2. Civilian Personnel – Please contact the JFSC Registrar’s office via email at concerning quota availability and application process.
  3. International Military Students – Please contact JFSC’s International Military Student Office (IMSO) for quota ability and enrollment guidance.
  4. JFSC MilHr Reps may be contacted via the following for questions or concerns about Training Reports or Service-specific training documents. 
Service  Phone 
MILPER Chief      Comm: (757) 443-6093
Comm: (757) 443-6755
Air Force
Comm: (757) 443-6131
Sea Services (USN, USMC, USCG)
Comm: (757) 443-6091
Comm: (757) 443-6158

IA Compliance for All Students at All NDU Colleges/Campuses
All students attending any NDU college at any campus must complete all Information Assurance (IA) Compliance requirements for US Military JPME and PE Programs (Non-Masters).

Academic IT Environment at Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk

All Norfolk Campus students should thoroughly read NDU’s IT Requirements and Guidance page. Students can test application login credentials; test their computing device’s connection to the NDU network; and work face-to-face with NDU Help Desk personnel to troubleshoot any technical issues.

Passing US Security Clearances to NDU/JFSC

To attend any Joint Forces Staff College classified classes please complete the Security Clearance Registration Course Application Form via the Joint Event Management Information System (JEMIS). All security clearance information must be submitted to the NDU/JFSC Security Office at least 30 days prior to class start.  The name of the college and course (JFSC-JCWS, JFSC-JCWS-H, or JFSC-JC2IOS etc.) must be entered into the POC section of the visit request for the clearance to be identified properly by JFSC Security Specialists. NOTE:  SCI is not a requirement to attend JCWS or JCWS-H.  NDU will not initiate nor accept Transfers in Status (TIS) requests. 

For students who need to pass their security clearance to NDU/ JFSC; please use SMO Code DJJNDU3.  For questions or concerns, Security Specialist POCs may be reached at 757-443-6351/52 or via email at

Common Access Card (CAC) Reissuing to US Students at Norfolk

​Point of contact for Common Access Card (CAC) Re-issue is JFSC Registrars' Office. They may be reached via phone (757) 443-6124 or

Housing Information for US Military Students at Norfolk Campus
All Students are responsible for securing their own lodging. When reserving lodging at the Naval Gateway Inn and Suites, please dial (757) 394-9054; Option 0 to reach the front desk.  Provide the following code and specify that you’re enrolled in the 10-week in-resident JPME-II course.

Program Instructions: Give Code Below
JCWS 22-1 Code: #30120100694
JCWS 22-2 Code: TBD
JCWS 22-3 Code: TBD
JCWS 22-4 Code: TBD
JCWS-H 22-1 More information provided through Program/Ops Officer
JCWS-H 21-2 More information provided through Program/Ops Officer
JCWS-H 22-3 More information provided through Program/Ops Officer
J2CIOS More information provided through Program/Ops Officer

NDU Library at Joint Forces Staff College

While on the Norfolk campus during in-processing, students should familiarize themselves with the resources available in the NDU Libraries, and speak with library staff about additional learning opportunities scheduled throughout the academic year.

AY22 Academic Calendar for Norfolk

Review the Norfolk campus AY22 Academic Calendar or email JFSC Registrar at

IT Tutorials and Instructions

For questions about NDU’s technology and computing environment, please contact the ITD Service Desk at 202-685-3824.

Getting Around