SSO/Security Manager Office

Welcome to the SSO/Security Managers page. This site provides contact information and the minimum security requirement for courses of instruction offered at the Joint Forces Staff College. The SSO/Security Managers Office is the focal point within JFSC for all matters pertaining to personnel security and the Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF).

Clearance Requirements for all JFSC courses:

College Security Office Points of Contact

Hours of Operation:
0730 - 1530 Monday - Friday
Commercial (757) 443-6352/6326
DSN 646-xxxx
Unclassified facsimile (757) 443-6035
Classified facsimile (757) 443-6325


Passing Instruction for Visit/Perm Certifications:

All collateral visit certification can be passed via unclassified fax or JPAS NON-SCI SMO: 617206.

All SCI visit certification can be passed via message PLA to SSO JFSCOL or JPAS SCI SMO: 617203.