SSO/Security Manager Office

Welcome to the SSO/Security Managers page. This site provides contact information and the minimum security requirement for courses of instruction offered at the Joint Forces Staff College. The SSO/Security Managers Office is the focal point within JFSC for all matters pertaining to personnel security and the Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF).

Clearance Requirements for all JFSC courses

College Security Office Points of Contact

Hours of Operation:
0730 - 1530 Monday - Friday
Commercial (757) 443-6351 / 52
Unclassified facsimile (757) 443-6035
Classified facsimile (757) 443-6325


Passing Instruction for Visit/Perm Certifications:

All collateral visit certification can be passed via unclassified fax or DISS SMO code: DJJNDU3

All SCI visit certification can be passed via JWICS MSG PLA SSO JFSCOL or DISS SMO code: DJJNDU3