Dr Patricia Strait

Dr. Strait is currently serving as Dean of the National Defense University’s Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. The National Defense University offers graduate programs in strategy, operational planning, information operations, and resource management to national security professionals. She has over 28 years of state, private and federal university experience delivering educational programs that serve graduate, international, and nontraditional students. Nominee for the State of Virginia’s Outstanding Faculty Award 2013, recipient of Old Dominion University’s Distinguished Alumni Award 2014, the University of Richmond’s Distinguished Educator Award 2012, and Old Dominion’s University’s Faculty Appreciation Award for the unique Ships at Sea MBA program. Work history includes faculty positions at Virginia Tech, University of Richmond, Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University, and the Department of Defense. She was elected as University of Richmond’s Chair of the Faculty Council which represents nearly 400 faculty members. Dr. Strait has authored numerous publications focusing on topics such as rising nationalism, forced labor, Muslim and Hispanic immigration, leadership, and ethical behavior. She has served as associate editor of the International Journal of Public Sector Management, International Journal of Diversity in Organizations Communities and Nations, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science, and the Global Studies Journal among others. Fluent in Spanish and a frequent presenter at international conferences including recent engagements in Berne, Athens, London, Brussels, Cambridge, Madrid, Quebec, Barcelona, and Vancouver. Dr. Strait is a U.S. Navy veteran.

Scholarly Publications 

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