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Uniform & Dress Codes

At JFSC, you will need your Utility Uniform, Class A and Class B uniforms. Below are pictures of each type of uniform. 

Students attending the Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JCWS) wear their utility uniform on daily basis and Class B uniform for their graduation. Some events require civilian business professional attire.

For JAWS, Fellows wear civilian business professional attire for the first half of the course and utility or Class B uniforms in the last half. Students are required to wear the Class A uniform for their graduation, official functions, and receptions.

For any other courses, International Fellows at JFSC wear their utility uniforms on daily basis and civilian business professional attire for some events.

Utility Uniforms

Utility Uniforms

Class A

Class B

Civilian Professional Attire

English Comprehension Level Requirements

To view the English comprehension level requirements detailing scores for the English Comprehension Level (ECL) Test and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®)- CLICK HERE

Information Technology (IT) Requirements

To view the IT requirements - CLICK HERE

International Student Handbook

To view the International Student Handbook - CLICK HERE and then select the South Campus (Norfolk)


To view important student briefings such as In-processing, academic expectations, housing, etc - CLICK HERE

Leave Policy

To view the policies for holiday leave and travel outside the U.S. - CLICK HERE