JFSC/JIS Program Incoming Student Information

Each program has attendance prerequisites that must be adhered to. Please click the link below for the attendance policy of the particular course or program you are interested in.

In-processing Guidance for US Military and Civilian Students at Norfolk Campus

Per the chart below, military members report in Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), NWU Type-III, or service equivalent uniform; or flight suit to Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall, Bldg SC-1, Norfolk for in-processing with your respective service representative. You do not need to check in wearing your service dress uniform. Upon reporting, bring a copy of your travel orders and leave form, as applicable. As a reminder, all military members must meet their Services’ weight and/or fitness standards.

NOTE 1: Click here for the full JFSC uniform policy.

Course Location Time Slot

Joint Forces Staff College, Normandy Hall, Fourth Floor, SCIF 


Points of Contact
For any enrollment or registration questions, please contact the JFSC Registrar’s office via email at Registrar2@ndu.edu.  

JIS Enrollment

The JFSC Program and Course Schedule may be found via the JFSC Course Schedule.

For enrollment in one of our Joint Information School (JIS) Programs, POCs may be reached via the following:

  • Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/ Cyber Staff and Operations Course (JC4ICSOC), Email: JC2IOS-C4I@ndu.edu
  • Joint Information Planners’ Course (JIPC Phase I), Email: JC2IOS-IO@ndu.edu
  • Joint Information Planners’ Course (JIPC Phase II), Email: JC2IOS-IO@ndu.edu
  • Joint Military Deception Training (JMTC), Email: JC2IOS-IO@ndu.edu
  • Defense Operations Security Planners Course (DOPC), Email: JC2IOS-IO@ndu.edu

Program Information

Attendance Prerequisites

Student Information

Computer Capabilities

NDU/ JFSC is a Bring You Own Device (BYOD) institution. Please review NDU IT Requirements and Guidance to ensure your device meets minimum requirements. For questions about NDU’s technology and computing environment, please contact the ITD Help Desk directly at 202-685-3824 or Help-ITD@ndu.edu. IT professionals are available to troubleshoot any technical issues Monday – Use Friday; 0600 – 1800 EST. NOTE: Use of Government Furnished Equipment is not possible. Neither NDU nor students have sufficient rights to configure or connect Government furnished computers to NDU’s network or its online courseware. Also, although handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are permissible in the NDU bring your own device environment, they are not adequate to complete the coursework required by NDU Programs.

Emergency Student Telephone Numbers

If unable to contact student via personal device, students may be reached by contacting the JFSC Quarterdeck at COMM: (757) 443-6076. Other points of contact for Students are:

  • JFSC Registrar Office Phone: 757-443-6124, Email: Registrar2@ndu.edu.
  • JFSC Military Human Resource Office Phone: 757-443-6093
  • JFSC Nurse Phone: 757-443-6286
  • JFSC Chaplain Phone: 757-443-6121

Meals, Lodging and Transportation

Government messing is not available at JFSC. Restaurants and grocery stores are located nearby however students are responsible for transportation to and from.

Students are responsible for securing their own lodging. The closest military lodging facility to our schoolhouse is the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites-NSA-Hampton Roads (NGI&S NSAHR). Should you decide to stay there, please dial (757) 394-9054; Option 0 to reach the front desk. Please advise you’re attending JFSC 10-week, 4-week or 1-week course. 

Government transportation is not furnished between the college and the airport. Personnel arriving in or leaving the Norfolk area are responsible for arranging their own transportation. Additionally, neither base taxis nor shuttles are available for student use. Authorization for transportation costs i.e. Uber, rental car, personal vehicle, etc... should be coordinated with Service/Agency prior to arrival.