Welcome to JTC

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take this occasion to welcome you to the Joint Forces Staff College’s Joint Transition Course. During this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the organization and the planning processes associated with the United States and its Department of Defense. The Joint Transition Course is a consolidation of a much broader curriculum and is intended to give you a concise overview of the subject matter.

The Course Schedule provides the daily listing of events and the classes presented. This course is intensive as you can see by the outline and the respective learning objectives along with the associated readings that need to be completed before each day. Preparation for each class will enhance class discussions while reinforcing faculty presentations.

So once again, welcome to each of you and looking forward to this educational opportunity.


Joint Transition Course is designed for students who are attending JCWS and have not completed Joint Professional Military Education, Phase I. The course provides an overview of DOD Planning Systems, Joint Planning, U.S. Service component perspectives, Operational Warfare, Contingency Planning, and Crisis Action Planning. All international officer students, DOD and Interagency civilians, and U.S. military officers who have not completed Phase I education are required to attend JTC with an approved direct entry waiver.


Officers granted direct-entry waivers, international fellows, and interagency students will be scheduled to attend the 5-day Joint Transition Course conducted by the JFSC immediately prior to beginning their Phase II course (JCWS or JAWS).

Points of Contact

Points of Contact


JTC Coordinator

Dr. Nicholas Anthony, Ph.D. - nicholas.anthony@ndu.edu

International Officers

Syanti Dafoe - IMSO@ndu.edu

US Military/ Civilian registration