Reporting Instructions

To register for JCWS, please contact your Service Specific JPME II coordinator for JCWS selection and registration instructions. If you have questions about receipt of nomination or registration paperwork, please contact the JFSC Registrar's office via e-mail at or by telephone at DSN 646-6124 or COMM 757-443-6124. NOTE: JFSC Registrar's Office hours of operation are from 0730 to 1600 Eastern Time.


Students are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements. A block of rooms is reserved for each incoming class, but each student must call to confirm their individual reservation. Please contact Navy Gateway Inns and Suites at (757) 963-9600 for assistance. Without a reservation, on-campus housing cannot be guaranteed.


Please review the JFSC Uniform Policy page.

Joint Transition Course (JTC)

U.S. military officers who have not completed JPME Phase I will require a Direct Entry Waiver and will be scheduled to attend JTC the week prior to JCWS class start date. For JTC in-processing, please contact the JFSC Registrar & Personnel Services office at DSN: 646-6124 or COMM (757) 443-6124 for JTC reporting instructions.


Report in duty uniform to the Quarterdeck, Normandy Hall (Bldg. SC-1) JFSC main entrance on class start date.

Cost TAD/TDY: Personnel, arriving in a TAD/TDY status, must understand that the servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) for JFSC is not authorized to make advance per diem payment to TAD/TDY students.

Per Diem

Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Personnel in a PCS status, arriving in a Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TEMDUINS), should not request an advance per diem payment through their servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) prior to reporting to JFSC.

Cost TAD/TDY: Navy personnel, arriving in a TAD/TDY status, must understand that the servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) for JFSC is authorized to make advance per diem payment to TAD/TDY students.

Local TAD/TDY Students: Per diem is not authorized for local TAD/TDY Students. Personnel must report with no cost TAD/TDY orders which covers the entire duration of JPME Phase II.

Questions: Contact your JFSC Personnel Representative (see below telephone listing).

Early Reporting

If you are active duty and plan to report to JFSC more than three days prior to your class start date, you must coordinate this with your assignment officer.

Officer Evaluation Reports

All students must provide a copy of their most recent evaluation report (OER/AER). If you have any questions, please contact your JFSC Personnel Representative (see below telephone listing).

Mailing Address

Rank/Name/Class Number
Joint Forces Staff College
JCWS: Seminar Number
7800 Hampton Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23511-1702

Absences from Class

Source: JFSC Policy Directive 2, Joint Forces Staff College Student Handbook Excerpt, Section 3.2.15 Absences, Leave, and Holidays

  1. Ordinary Leave and Special Passes. Ordinary leave and special passes are generally not authorized during the 10-week course. Leave and special passes are reviewed on a case by case basis.

  2. Emergency Leave. During duty hours, notify your seminar instructor or Director of the emergency. If an emergency occurs during non-duty hours and departure is required before duty hours of the next working day, contact the Staff College Security Desk (443-6076), for specific instructions.

  3. Absences from Instruction. Absences from course activities are not normally authorized. To maximize training and fulfill Service needs, a policy of full attendance and maximum participation throughout the course is in effect.

  4. Student Absences.

    1. Seminar Team Leaders (STLs) have authority to approve a student's absence for official activities for up to one academic day. Absences greater than one day or outside the Tidewater area require an administrative pass and approval of the Director to ensure line-of-duty coverage.

    2. Unauthorized student absences will be referred to the School Director for appropriate action and may be subject to disciplinary action.

  5. Medical Absences.

    1. Student admissions into medical facilities are handled in the following manner:

      1. a) Students notify their STL, or Director when they are admitted and released.

      2. b) The STL or Director notifies the Military Human Resources Office (MHRO).

      3. c) MHRO then notifies the appropriate Service home unit, i.e., Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

      4. d) Students are responsible for notifying relatives of their medical condition.

      5. e) When MHRO receives the appropriate admissions/release documents, they complete the necessary paperwork to change the member's duty status accordingly.

    2. Accountability. Students must keep their instructors informed for accountability purposes, bearing in mind that each medical facility in the local area has its own methods of notifying commands of admissions and discharges. In some cases, the seminar Senior Student may be informed for absences of short or immediate necessity if the STL permits.

  6. Holidays. JFSC observes legal holidays that may occur during the course.

Points of Contact

Point of Contact Phone Ext xxxx
DSN: 646-xxxx
COMM: (757) 443-xxxx
Registrar & Personnel Services Office 6124
Military Personnel Concerns:
Orders, Vouchers, Leave, Military pay, Personnel records, etc.
U.S. Army: 757-443-6158  
U.S. Air Force: 757-443-6131  
U.S. Marine Corps: 757-443-6125  
U.S. Navy: 757-443-6125  
Student Officer Quarters 757-963-9600, EXT:0  
SSO (Security Clearances) 757-443-6326
ITD Help Desk 202-685-3824

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2020