Prerequisites: JAWS

  • JAWS Writing Requirement (See below)
  • Military O-5 and O-6; Civilians GS-13 thru GS-15
  • Selected by Service or organization
    (All prospective Civilian students see Note 1.)
  • Eligible to fill a joint billet upon graduation
  • Current Top Secret SCI clearance; (more...)
    (All prospective Civilian students must include clearance date in nomination package.)
  • Completed Bachelors Degree
    (All Military and Civilian JAWS students see Note 2 for Undergraduate Transcript requirement.)
  • Capable of rigorous academic endeavor

Interested Service members should contact their service POC.
Air Force Personnel Center: (210) 565-1858/DSN 665-1858
Human Resource Command: Contact your Branch manager at HRC for Information
HQ’s U.S. Marine Corps: (703) 432-9146/DSN 378-9146
Bureau of Naval Personnel: (901) 874-4100/DSN 882-4100

Writing Requirement

JAWS is personally rewarding, but also academically rigorous. As is appropriate for a graduate-level course, the writing requirement is significant and includes a 60-70 page thesis. Prior to arrival, we will conduct a writing assessment of each student. The writing test will be conducted on line but in a controlled environment in the student's local area. This will require the student to provide information on the local Test Control Officer (TCO), or a person willing to act as a proctor for JFSC TCO. The local TCO/proctor will administer the test and forward the results to JFSC for individual assessment. Test results may be used by JAWS leadership to place a student in a writing program while attending JAWS.

If a student is in a locale without a TCO and cannot identify a proctor, or will be unable to do so before reporting, they will be tested immediately upon arrival. If this is the case, please notify JFSC's registrar:

Students may contact the Registrar’s office at the above email address, regarding questions about test administration.

Note 1 (For Civilians Only):

Civilians must be nominated by first Flag/General/SES Officer in their chain-of-command; include this nomination memo in package along with a one-page student biography or resume to include education and career history. The standard time frame for submitting applications is one year to six months before class start date. Civilian quotas for each class are limited. If an agency is nominating more than its quota of students, JFSC recommends agency nominees be designated as primary and alternate candidates. They will need to attend the prerequisite five-day Joint Transition Course (JTC) the week prior to JAWS start date. Final admissions authority rests with the JFSC Commandant.

Please send nomination packages to the following address:

Joint Forces Staff College
Attn: DFAP-Registrar
7800 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511-1702

Contact the JFSC's Interagency Student Program Coordinator for more information: Commercial (757) 443-6189; DSN 646-6189.

Note 2 (For All JAWS Students):

Since successful completion of JAWS will result in the awarding of a Masters Degree in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy, JFSC requires an official undergraduate transcript from all military and civilian students. To be official, it must be mailed directly from student’s undergraduate alma mater.

Please send undergraduate transcript to the following address:

Joint Forces Staff College
Attn: DFAP-Registrar
7800 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511-1702

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) are not required for JAWS students.

For additional admissions information and assistance, contact the JFSC Registrar & Personnel Services Division:

E-mail: The Registrar
Phone: (757) 443-6124; DSN 646-6124.