Contacts for Resident and Hybrid Students

For Prospective In-Residence Students: If you are interested in attending JPME Phase II at JFSC, you must first contact your service representative.

Air Force
Eva Horseman
(210) 565-3718

Kurt A. Wahl
Comm:  502-613-6417
DSN:  983-6417

Marine Corps

(703) 784-9730/ 9211/ 9212

Jeffrey Stevens
(901) 874-2925 (DSN 882)

US Coast Guard

Stephen R. Keck

US Civilians

International Military Officers


For Prospective Hybrid Students (typically reserve component): To register for JCWS-H, contact your Service Admissions POC. Each POC will have information concerning schedules and the RC-specific nominative process.

US Air Force Reserve

Mr. Michael Jackson​
(478) 327-1291 (DSN 497)

Ms. Sara Simms

Air National Guard

MSgt M. Patricia Winner
(240) 612-9528 (DSN 612-9528)

SMSgt Jennifer Smith

US Army Reserve
Russell G. Guzman
(502) 613-9035 (DSN 983)
Army National Guard
Ms. Julia Martinez
(703) 607-7337 (DSN 327)

MAJ Ryan King
(703) 601-7066

US Navy Reserve

LCDR James W. Teal
(757) 322-6634 (DSN 282)

US Marine Corps Reserve
(703) 432-9410 (DSN 278)
Brennett Ford
US Coast Guard Reserve

LCDR Samantha M. Block

US Civilians
International Military Officers

JCWS Leadership

JCWS Director
COL Daryl Chamberlain, USAR
Office: 757-443-6237
JCWS Deputy Director / Director of Curriculum
Dr. Robert Spessert, J.D.
Office: 757-443-6412
Operations Officer
CDR Jeff Holdsworth, USN
Office: 757-443-6216
Hybrid Program Manager
Col Angela Henderson, USAFR
Satellite Program Manager
John "Rudi" Ruedisueli
Office: 757-819-8458
International Cell 202-805-7326
Administrative and Operational Support
Sarah R. Ezell
Office: 757- 443-6088

Last Update: 20 November 2023