The Journal of the Joint Forces Staff College

Submission Guidelines

  • As a general rule, manuscripts of articles should be between 1000 and 5000 words in length, not counting endnotes.
  • All manuscripts must be written at the unclassified level.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted by email to
  • Manuscripts should be written in Times New Roman font, 12-pitch, and with 1 inch margins as a Word document.
  • Manuscripts must include author names and an abstract (200 words or less). Please include a brief (50 words or less per author) biographical sketch, which includes current position and e-mail address.
  • Manuscripts should be accompanied by appropriate graphs, charts, photographs, maps, or other illustrations within the document, titled according to Turabian guidance for tables and figures, and cited when the source is not the author’s.
  • Manuscripts should conform to Turabian academic style with endnotes rather than footnotes. Endnotes should be embedded in the manuscript. Please do not include bibliographies.
  • Acronyms and military abbreviations must be written out in full the first time used, followed by the abbreviated form in parentheses. Military jargon and slang should, as a rule, be avoided unless germane to the content.
  • All manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by at least two readers, who will make recommendations to the Managing Editor as to suitability for publication. Manuscripts will be judged on the originality and quality of the argument, analysis, and discussion, coherence, relevance and timeliness of the topic, and quality of the writing.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, Campaigning insists upon right of first publication for all submissions. Campaigning does not accept simultaneous submissions, i.e. manuscripts being considered elsewhere.
  • All manuscripts selected for publication in Campaigning must go through a security and publication review process, and Campaigning will provide the necessary coordination, and requests for edits based on the publication and security review are mandatory.
  • Authors are responsible for the quality of the content and adherence to the format requirements. The Editorial Board reserves the right to suggest minor editorial suggestions for style, grammar and length, but will not make editorial changes that affect the integrity of the argument or discussion without the author(s) input.
  • Campaigning will acknowledge manuscript submission within 10 working days. If you have not received confirmation of receipt after that time, please contact the editorial staff based on the contact information on the About Us page.

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