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Campaigning is the Journal of Joint Forces Staff College. It functions as both an instrument of communication to external stakeholders, NDU Leadership, Joint Force Leaders, College  alumni, and internal stakeholders, students, faculty, and staff. As an academic journal, Campaigning informs stakeholders, provokes discussion and incites thought amongst readers, and demonstrates the rigor of academic work at the College and within its community. The Journal is interested in all academic and practical work related to the intersection of strategy and operations, with an emphasis on operational planning and design.

Please direct all submissions and queries to Address the salutation to the editorial area that you feel best suits the submission type:

Book Reviews: LTC Stephen Tribble

Research Articles: COL Daryl Chamberlain 

Nexus or Notes from the Field: Michael Dougherty

Innovation in Education: Dr. Nicholas Anthony

Special Columns: Jeffrey Turner and Dr. Teresa Dicks

Website: Lt Col Jon Ratchick

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