Campaigning: The Journal of the Joint Forces Staff College



  • Fall 2015 Issue
    On the surface, developing an understanding of Joint concepts appears a relatively simple educational task: read, discuss, and apply. In reality, developing an understanding of anything is far more difficult and time-consuming than many practitioners imagine.
  • Spring 2015 Issue
    The messy and difficult task of functioning at the operational level of war takes a great deal of expertise. Reflecting the staff composition of the Combatant Commands, the O-4s and O-5s that comprise the JFSC student body will ultimately be responsible for translating strategic guidance to tactical actions.


  • Fall 2014 Issue
    After a six-year hiatus, Campaigning was re-launched this past spring to provide a forum for dialogue and discourse on topics relevant to leadership and planning at the operational level of war.
  • Spring 2014 Issue
    Our first relaunched issue of Campaigning features an article from Joint Staff J-7 leaders titled, “Campaigning Perspectives Through the Lens of Joint Doctrine and Education.”