Reporting Instructions: JAWS

Students will report to JFSC Military Human Resource Office (MilHr), room A-111, Normandy Hall (JFSC main entrance), from 0900 – 1500 (Mon – Fri).  ***Due to COVID-19 Protection Measures, majority of staff is Teleworking.  Please contact applicable Service Rep via email to schedule in-person appointment***.

 USA  DSN 646-6158  Comm (757) 443-6158  Email:
 USAF  DSN 646-6131  Comm (757) 443-6131  Email:
 USN, USMC, USCG   DSN 646-6091  Comm (757) 443-6091  Email:

Unit Identification Codes (UICs):

The following Service UICs are provided:
 USN  40272
 US Army    W37W02
 USMC  56011



JAWS Student Billeting/Housing Information

JAWS students may apply for military housing. On-base housing opportunities for officers are very limited and wait times could be extensive. For additional information concerning application process, please contact the Navy Housing Service Center at (757) 445-2751. For more information on other services, visit: NSA Hampton Roads - Housing and Lodging. For community house hunting purposes, reference the following websites:

Mailing Address

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7800 Hampton Blvd.
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