The Joint Forces Staff College will be the premier institution for educating national security professionals in planning and executing joint operations.


"The mission of the Joint Forces Staff College is to educate national security professionals to plan and execute operational-level joint, multinational, and interagency operations to instill a primary commitment to joint, multinational, and interagency teamwork, attitudes, and perspectives."


The Joint Forces Staff College is a learning organization committed to the pursuit of a culture on innovation and adaptation. We provide the joint community with warriors and future national security leaders who understand joint doctrine and view the battlefield through a joint, multinational, and interagency lens. The small purple and multinational seminars, led by purple cadre teams, focus on joint doctrine at the operational level employing historical case studies and computer-driven war games to create the intellectual rigor to stretch student minds. The results yield the critical thinking required to conceive and apply joint solutions on the 21st Century battlefield. Joint Forces Staff College is transforming to keep pace with the information age world we live in while delivering a first class educational experience.

Guiding Principles

Commitment to Quality Education
Our job is to facilitate the achievement of high levels of ability in critical thinking, problem solving, and research regarding issues of national security and operational art. We actively seek out, study, and selectively apply the latest concepts, theories, and technologies to maintain educational currency and ensure continuous progress.

Primacy of the Classroom
When resources, requirements, or scheduling compete with classroom activities, classroom support takes priority.

Collaboration, Not Competition
We are committed to helping each other learn and succeed. This campus fosters teamwork and a joint perspective built on a foundation of respect, trust, and cooperation in working toward group goals.

Academic Freedom
We promote openness in the exchange of ideas and, as an educational institution, offer a forum for that exchange. Everyone's views and opinions are accorded respect and given a hearing free from prejudice.

Human Dignity
We care for each other and respect the worth of every individual connected with this institution, regardless of race, creed, gender, position, age, background, or work experience.

Personal and Professional Growth
We are committed to nurturing the personal and professional growth and satisfaction of all those associated with the Joint Forces Staff College.

The Highest Professional Standards
We seek not only to excel, but to set the standard in all areas of our mission--teaching, learning, leading, advising, and performing other support activities. We subscribe to the concepts of empowerment, of doing the right things right the first time, and of individual and team accountability.

The Highest Standards of Integrity
Misrepresentation and dishonesty have no place in this institution. Honesty, truthfulness, and candor are absolutely required to establish trust and effectively accomplish our mission.

JFSC Vision, Mission, and Values (PDF)

JFSC Strategic Plan (PDF)