Schools and Educational Programs

Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS)

Joint Advanced Warfighting School is envisioned to populate the Joint Staff and combatant commands with officers expert in the joint planning processes and capable of critical analysis in the application of all aspects of national power across the full range of military operations. Students must be capable of synergistically combining existing and emerging capabilities in time, space and purpose to accomplish operational or strategic objectives.

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Joint & Combined Warfighting School (JCWS) JPME-II

The Joint and Combined Warfighting School produces graduates capable of creatively and effectively planning operational level warfighting for joint and combined military forces while integrating the effects of the United States Government, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations to ensure the success of Combatant and Joint Task Force Commanders operating within an uncertain operating environment.

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Joint Command, Control & Information Operations School (JC2IOS)

The Joint Command, Control, and Information Operations School is designed to educate and train military officers and civilian equivalents in the concepts, applications, and procedures associated with C4I and Information Operations planning in joint and multinational environments. The school is composed of a C4I and an IO division, offering a variety of educational opportunities to the joint community.

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The Joint Continuing and Distance Education School (JCDES)

The Joint Continuing and Distance Education School (JCDES) is comprised of one programs:

– Joint and Combined Warfighting School-Hybrid (JCWS-H) is a reserve component course similar in content, but not identical to, the in-residence JFSC Phase II course. JCWS-H students shall be JPME Phase I graduates. JCWS-H educates RC officers and builds upon the foundation established in JPME Phase I and prepares RC officers (O-4 to O-6) for joint duty assignments. JCWS-H is the CJCS-directed JPME Phase II-equivalent education for Reserve Officers.

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Joint Transition Course (JTC)

Joint Transition Course is designed for students who are attending JCWS and have not completed Joint Professional Military Education, Phase I. The course provides an overview of DOD Planning Systems, Joint Planning, U.S. Service component perspectives, Operational Warfare, Contingency Planning, and Crisis Action Planning. All international officer students, DOD and Interagency civilians, and U.S. military officers who have not completed Phase I education are required to attend JTC with an approved direct entry waiver.

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The Electives Program complements the JCWS and JAWS core curriculum by providing courses tailored to the diversified needs of students in joint education. The objective of this program is for students to develop fuller understanding and depth of knowledge in areas relating to their Combatant Command and their joint staff function and to better prepare themselves, in general, for joint duty.

Each student takes either two four-week or one eight-week elective. Students assigned less than six months or en route to one of the ten Combatant Commands take the electives specific to their assignment.

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Senior Fellows

The Senior Fellows are retired general and flag officers, ambassadors, or civilians of equivalent rank, with significant experience and expertise in joint, multinational, and interagency operations.

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International Fellows

International Military Student Office (IMSO), administrative home to all international students attending JFSC. Funded by State and Defense, and aligned with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's priorities, military officials from across the globe study at JFSC; the majority attend the 10-week Joint Professional Military Education, Phase II program at JCWS. ISMO provides programmatic and practical support for JFSC's international students.

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