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About ISMO

The International Student Management Office (ISMO) is administrative home to all the international students attending education and training course at the National Defense University.

ISMO's mission is to foster joint security cooperation by providing sustained superior support to NDU’s international students to effectively advance US security interests and build defense partnerships for the future. 

ISMO integrates international students within university programs in support of NDU’s academic and engagement priorities, enables the academic success of international students to enhance partnership capability, creates opportunities for them to foster rapport with US classmates, and provides opportunities to develop a firsthand knowledge of the US, its people, institutions, way of life and commitment to principles of internationally recognized human rights.

ISMO JFSC at South Campus



Syanti Dafoe

Syanti Dafoe
Program Support Coordinator
(757) 443-6626

Ednauh Kamlondy

Ednauh Kamlondy
Program Support Specialist
(757) 443-6134

Emily Dimet

Emily Dimit
Program Support Specialist
(757) 443-6309



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