JAWS Reporting Instructions

Students will report for duty at the JFSC Military Human Resource Office (MHRO), room A-111, Normandy Hall (JFSC main entrance), from 0800 – 1500 (Mon – Fri), report no earlier than 17 Jul 17.  Students desiring to report earlier than 17 Jul 17 must receive approval prior to reporting.  Contact MHRO for details at:

  USA: DSN 646-6158 Comm (757) 443-6158
USAF: DSN 646-6131 Comm (757) 443-6131
USN & USMC: DSN 646-6091 Comm (757) 443-6091
Students reporting early will remain in leave status until the authorized reporting period. Students will hand-carry their medical and dental records.
Unit Identification Codes (UICs):
The following Service UICs are provided:
  40272 Navy
W37WO1 Army
LE3VFWFD   Air Force
56011 Marine Corps

JAWS Student Billeting/Housing Information

JAWS students may apply for military housing.
On-base housing opportunities for officers are very limited and wait times could be extensive.

For additional information concerning application process, please contact Ms. Paula Hightower at the Navy Housing Service Center.
She may be reached via email: paula.hightower@navy.mil or by telephone:  (757) 445-2751.

For community house hunting purposes,
reference the following websites:

For more information on other services, visit:
NSA Hampton Roads - Housing and Lodging.


JFSC Uniform Requirements/Authorized Uniforms: [ Click here ]
  • JAWS Students will be advised of uniform requirements for field trips, off-sites, and special events.
  • Uniform for reporting in during the normal duty day (0700-1700) Monday through Friday will be Service A/Class A. If a student reports in over a weekend, uniform is not required.
  • Uniform, for the first day of class (normally Mondays), will be Service B/Class B/Service C or business attire for civilians.
  • Uniforms from Tuesday to Friday of each week will normally be Service Warfighting Uniform, unless otherwise directed.
  • Uniform for graduation will be Service A/Class A.
  • Uniform for the class graduation dinner will be Evening Dress/Mess; Dress/Formal Wear for civilian students or service equivalent for International students.

Mailing Address:
Joint Force Staff College
JAWS Class 15-16
7800 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2019