Joint Command, Control & Information Operations School (JC2IOS)

The Joint Command, Control, and Information Operations School educates and trains military officers and civilian equivalents in the concepts, applications, and procedures associated with C4I and Information Operations planning in joint and multinational environments. The school is composed of a C4I and an IO division, offering a variety of educational opportunities to the joint community.



Welcome to the Joint, Command, Control, and Information Operations School (JC2IOS) of the Joint Forces Staff College. The goal of the school is to prepare you to serve in a variety of positions critical to the success of U.S. and Coalition C4I and Information Operations efforts.

Our courses endeavor to provide the student a current, relevant, and challenging experience intended to enhance their performance in current or future assignments. Experienced instructors, expert guest speakers from across DoD and the interagency, and a dynamic curriculum, which keeps pace with today’s rapidly evolving operational environment, are combined to provide DoD and interagency students the very best in C4I and Information Operations instruction.

Our main objective is to support you, the warfighter. Your feedback regarding content and effectiveness of our courses is invaluable in assuring that our courses remain of the highest caliber. If you are an alumnus of a C4I or an IO course or a supervisor of graduates of our course, we would especially appreciate your continued and frank evaluation of our programs and our graduates.

Director, JC2IOS


Courses Offered

Information Operations Division Courses

1.  Joint Operations Orientation Course (JIOOC)

2.  Joint Information Operations Planners Course (JIOPC)

3.  Joint Military Deception Training Course (JMTC)

 Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Division Course

1.  Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers and intelligence/Cyber Staff and Operations Course (JC4ICSOC)