Information Operation Division

Requirements to Attend All Courses

1.  Clearance information:

JIOOC:  There is no clearance requirement for students but for those who are attending the follow on JOIPC class will need to have a TS/SCI Clearance.

JIOPC and JMTC:  Requires a TS/SCI Clearance.

Note:  For all other clearance questions contact our SSO.

2.  Must apply through the JEMIS website:

3.  Must submit 2875 and IA Cert from JKO only to

4.  Must submit a visit request.


Course Priority

Seats will be determined by the following criteria:

1.  Unified Command
2.  Joint Organizations the directly support a Unified Command
3.  Service components that support a Unified Command
4  Other service and governmental agency personnel


Uniform Policy for All Courses

The uniform for all JC2OIS course is Battle Dress Equivalent. (I.E. ACU/OCP, NWU, ABU/Flight Suit, MARPAT, etc). Students should also bring appropriate civilian attire for possible off post social and academic activities.


Contact Information

JIOOC Director: (757)-443-6320

JIOPC Director: (757)-443-6343

JMTC Director: (757)-443-6335

Email: for all IO course Directors and Instructors