Defense Operations Security Planners Course

The Defense Operations Security Planners Course is a one week course designed to educate and train select military students between the grade of E-6 to E-9 and O-3 through O-6, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian equivalents, and designated contractors assigned as Operations Security (OPSEC) planners, J5/Joint Planning Group (JPG) planners, and OPSEC Program Managers. Course graduates will be able to effectively plan, integrate, conduct, and assess Joint OPSEC at the joint/operational level, across the range of military operations, in accordance with applicable doctrine, policy and authorities, as well as to enhance corporate knowledge of vulnerabilities associated with operations and plans for the joint warfighter.

Reading Material

DoDD 5205.02E OPSEC Program  DoDD 5205.02M OPSEC Program manual JP 3_13_3 OPSEC
JP 5_0 Joint Planning  NSDD 298 National OPSEC Program  CJCSI 3231.01D Joint OPSEC

Last Update: 22 September 2014