Defense Operations Security Planners Course (DOPC)

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Course Mission

The mission of the Defense OPSEC Planners Course (DOPC) is to establish a common level of understanding for OPSEC planners who will serve in joint operational-level OPSEC billets. This course is primarily for personnel assigned as Operations Security (OPSEC) planners, J5/Joint Planning Group (JPG) planners, and OPSEC Program Managers. 

Course Objectives

The primary objective of the DOPC is to educate and train select military students and DoD civilian equivalents, to plan, integrate, and synchronize OPSEC into joint operational-level plans and orders. The school accomplishes this through a combination of group practical exercises, instructor lectures, case studies, and a final examination in a joint seminar environment. This course is not about OPSEC Program Management and will not discuss the Joint requirements for creating and maintaining a program. 

Throughout the course, the students execute joint planning from a OPSEC perspective. The course is based upon joint doctrine that is reinforced, when necessary, by various tactics, techniques, and procedures from throughout the Department of Defense. 

The DOPC is only taught by Mobile Training Teams (MTT) from the Joint OPSEC Support Element (JOSE).  

Course Description

The Defense Operations Security Planners Course (DOPC) is a one week course designed to educate and train select military students, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian equivalents, and designated contractors assigned as Operations Security (OPSEC) planners, J5/Joint Planning Group (JPG) planners, and OPSEC Program Managers. Course graduates will be able to effectively plan, integrate, conduct, and assess Joint OPSEC at the joint/operational level, across the range of military operations, in accordance with applicable doctrine, policy and authorities, as well as to enhance corporate knowledge of vulnerabilities associated with operations and plans for the joint warfighter. DOPC is taught by the Joint OPSEC Support Element and is accredited by the Joint Forces Staff College. 

Joint OPSEC Support Element (JOSE): The Joint OPSEC Support Element is a part of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC) and is designed to provide OPSEC training, program review, surveys, and plans and exercise support to the CCDRs. The JOSE does not have a physical location for DOPC instruction. Instead, the JOSE sends DOPC Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) out to the CCMDs who request this support and training from the JOSE.

Course Length

The course is one (1) week.

Graduation Criteria

All students are required to actively participate in the practical exercises, discussions, capstone project, and a final examination to successfully complete the course. Students will attend all classes while in residence in order to obtain the certificate of completion.  

Security Clearance Requirements

There is no clearance requirement to attend DOPC.

Quota Information

The number of seats is determined by the availability of instructors but can generally contain 12-24 students. 

Rank Requirement

This course is recommended for all personnel in route or assigned to an OPSEC planner position, and is primarily for military students between the grade of E-6 to E-9 and O-3 through O-6, and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian equivalents. 

Others will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to request a DOPC are sent to each CCMD prior to the beginning of each FY. Questions on requesting a DOPC at your CCMD/Unit can also be directed to

Contact Information

Email for all Instructors.


Last Update: 20 July 2022