IO Division News

Recent changes to JFSC IO courses:

The IO Division offers two courses to satisfy the needs of Combatant Commanders and the career IO force.

The Joint Information Operations Orientation Course (JIOOC), beginning in FY15, is offered via distance learning. It consists of approximately 17 lessons, distributed over about 4 weeks.

The Joint Information Planners' Course (JIPC), beginning in FY15, takes the place of the Joint Information Operations Planners' Course (JIOPC).  The JIPC is a 4 week resident course, that is preceded by a distance learning module (JIOOC, approx. 17 lessons distributed over about 4 weeks).  After conducting the distance learning module and 4 weeks of resident education, graduates will earn qualifications in joint information operations, military deception, and operations security.

Last Updated: 06 November 2014