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Joint Information Operations Orientation Course (JIOOC)

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Joint Information Operations Orientation Course (JIOOC) is a perquisite to Joint Information Operations Planner’s Course (JIOPC)


Course Mission

The JIOOC is a distant learning course for military members and DOD civilians, who would like a basic understanding of the Joint Information Operations Environment.

Course Objectives

This course consists of several modules and assignments designed to orient you to IO planning and the Information Related Capabilities (IRCs).  The lessons will provide a brief introduction to the following topics:

Introduction to information operations

Introduction to strategic communication

Information operations theory and the information environment

Legality as it relates to information operations

Information related capabilities

Introduction to planning

Introduction to joint targeting

The overall goal is to assist you in preparation for future combatant command level IO planning.  We focus on the operational level of war.

The method we use is the Socratic method of learning.  This method depends upon reflection and effective questioning to be successful so we encourage you to challenge the material, discussion questions, instructors, your fellow students and your own assumptions. 

Course Description

Each week, the students will study a new lesson topic under of information operations. Each week the students will be responsible for responding to one discussion question and two response to classmates answers.

Course Length

The course is four (4) weeks (approximately 150 hours).

Graduation Criteria

All students are required to actively participate in the all discussions to successfully complete the course. The grades will consist of:

1.  Pretest
2.  Answers to one discussion every week.
3.  Response to 2(two) separate students discussion answers.
4.  Case Study Paper
5.  Post Test at the end of week four.

Security Clearance Requirements

Students attending JIOOC only need a secret clearance.
Students attending JIOOC followed by followed by JIOPC will need a TS/SCI clearance. (more...) For additional security clearance information please contact the JFSC SSO at 757-443-6324/26 or at

Quota Information

Individuals currently serving on a Unified Command staff or Joint IO cell have priority for quotas. Personnel from other commands may apply, however, seats will not be allocated until three weeks prior to the courses start date or if the course capacity allows.

Rank Requirement

Per CJCSM 1630.01(Joint IO Force, 2009), the course is for all personnel in route or assigned to a Joint IO Billet, and is highly recommended for  all IO  professionals and information-related capability specialists in Grades O3-O6, CW3-CW5, E7-E9, or DoD civilian equivalents.  

Others will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Registration Instructions

To register for JIOOC follow the following instructions:

1. Complete the JIOOC Application Form at this link:  (recommend using the Internet Explorer Web Browser)

2. Send your completed 2875 and IA cert to the registrar office and SSO VIA email


1. The IA cert must be obtained on the JKO website only.

2. As previously stated, JIOOC is a prerequisite for JIOPC!! JIOOC must be complete for attending JIOPC!

3. Due to heavy demand for JIOOC, the course will be seated and close no later than 3 weeks prior to the course start date.


Contact Information

JIOOC Director:  (757) 443-6061
Email: for IO all course Directors and Instructors