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Registration: You should receive a welcome letter about two months out of the course start date. If you sign up for a class within two months of the start date you should receive a welcome letter within five working days. If you desire to register for a class that starts within 10 working days please contact the JC2IOS front office (757) 443-6323 and request to speak to the IO division chief or IO registrar.


Directions to the Joint Reserve Intelligence Center (JRIC) from San Antonio International Airport may be found here: http://goo.gl/maps/DEVjJ

If you are using a GPS, you can enter in the intersection of S General McMullen Dr and Greig St. That will get you to the entry point. Be prepared to show your government ID at the gate.

Once you get into the compound, you should be able to get to the JRIC parking lot by following this route on the map:


Proceed through the entrance gate ('B' on map) and turn immediately into the parking lot on the right. In the morning, there are two lanes to enter the compound, so it is recommended that you be in the right lane. Continue around the parking lot. Then proceed to the left along the fence line. Once in the next parking lot, you are in front of building 178.

Find a parking place either in the one to the right directly in front of the building or proceed a little further down to the overflow parking lot.

Location: The course will be held at the Joint Reserve Intelligence Center (JRIC) in San Antonio, Bldg 178, Kelly USA, at 404 Greig Street, San Antonio, TX 78226. Building 178 is a secure facility and located on a secure compound. There should not be a problem with parking; so follow the directions to the NW Parking lot for Bldg 178. Enter the building through the main door on the northwest side directly in front of the parking lot. You will need to show your government ID to the duty officer inside the front entrance lobby and then follow posted signs to JIOOC classroom.

Transportation: San Antonio International Airport (airport code: SAT) is located on the north side of San Antonio and Kelly USA is located on the south side. Please note that we will hold graduation at/about 1400 hours on the final day of the course. Please do not schedule a departure flight earlier than 1630 on graduation day. We highly recommend you rent a car while attending our course. There are limited eating establishments within walking distance of the course.

Quarters: No billeting arrangements have been made for this course. You will be required to obtain your own billeting. Rooms may be available on Lackland AFB or in Kelly Billeting. Central Reservations for billeting is 210-671-3622/4277/0047 or e-mail innsof.lackland@lackland.af.mil. Lackland DSN is 473-xxxx. Due to a high amount of volume calls, it would be best to dial the main desk directly at 210-671-0158, or DSN 473-0158. Kelly Billeting is located two blocks from the classroom. We recommend that you request billeting at Kelly. Good hotel options include downtown San Antonio (approx. 15 minutes from Lackland) and along NW Loop I-410 and Highway 151. Students may be required to obtain a statement of non-availability prior to arranging commercial billeting.

Provided for your convenience, some additional off-base quarters in the local area:

1) SpringHill Suites San Antonio, (210) 520-6655
2) Homewood Suites by Hilton San Antonio-Riverwalk/Downtown, (210) 222-1515
3) Courtyard San Antonio SeaWorld/Lackland, (210) 647-4100

Classified Material: If you think you might want to take classified (secret) student materials (readings, course work, etc.) back to your command upon completion of the course, we recommend that you bring a valid courier card with you. We also have the capability to mail classified student material to your command as well, so ensure you have a valid command mailing address if you desire to have material mailed to you upon completion of the course.

Arrival Check-in: We will start the check-in at 0730 on the first day of the course. Badges will not be available prior to 0730. Proceed inside building 178 to the guard desk where your security badge will be issued. CELL PHONES, TWO-WAY PAGERS, CAMERAS, PDAs, LAPTOPS, and RECORDING DEVICES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING. From the guard desk, proceed down the long main hallway, and turn left three-quarters of the way down into short hallway. The classroom is the second door on the left.

Orders: JC2IOS does not require you to present your TDY travel orders for our courses. If your command requires, we will provide order endorsements. For personnel attending our course en route during a PCS transfer, your orders are required to be presented and processed. It's your responsibility to obtain the proper travel documentation so that you will be reimbursed for your costs.

Class Schedule: The check-in process will start at 0730, and class will begin at 0800 on the first day. Classes generally run from 0800-1600 plus or minus 30 minutes with a break for lunch. Unless notified otherwise, expect class to end at 1600 on the final day of the course. No absences or early departures are authorized without prior coordination with the course coordinator and the approval of the Director.

Medical: While attending the JIOOC, medical requirements for all active duty and GS civilians will be handled by Wilford Hall Urgent Care Center, Building 4550 (210-292-7331). Reserve & National Guard personnel will use Reid Medical Clinic, Bldg 6612, (210-292-4150).

Security: Students are reminded they must possess a TS/SCI clearance. Any questions involving clearances may be directed to our SSO at commercial 210-977-4675, DSN 969-4675.

All doors within the JRIC require a proximity badge and PIN for entry. The course staff will have proximity badges to grant entry to student to the necessary areas. Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, laptops and other similar electronic devices are prohibited in the SCIF. Please do not bring them to class with you.

NOTE: If you indicated on your DES sign-up online that you have less than a TS/SCI clearance you need to re-verify this and disenroll if you do not have a TS/SCI. Waivers will not be granted for students who do not possess a current TS/SCI.

Advance Study Material: A familiarity with Joint Publication 3-13, Information Operations dated 27 November 2012 is a course prerequisite. In addition, students are asked to complete the following pre-attendance readings. Although CD with copies of these documents will be available the first day of class, you will be better prepared to participate in the first day's instruction and discussions if you have reviewed and or skimmed the following materials. They are all available on the Internet via the links provided.

Lesson 1A1: The Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006: The Media as a Weapon in Assymetrical Conflict, Marvin Kalb, John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University, February, 2007, pp. 3-39.

Lesson 1A2: A Theory Based View of IO, Marc J. Romanych, IO Sphere, Spring 2005.

Lesson 1A2: When Do We Teach the Basics? Donald E. Vandergriff, Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 58, 3rd Quarter 2010.

Lesson 1A3: Joint Interagency Cooperation: The First Step, Matthew F. Bogdanos, Joint Force Quarterly, April 2005.

Link to Additional Readings


  • Confirm billeting availability by phone, or if no rooms are available, arrange for off-base billeting.
  • Read the advance material identified above.

In closing, we are looking forward to seeing you in the next JIOOC. Please notify us not later than two duty days prior to the course if there is a change in your attendance plans. If you have any additional questions or issues not covered in this document, please contact the course registrar or coordinator above. See you soon!

Last update: 06 November 2014