Welcome to the Joint Information School!

Joint Information School (JIS) is one of four schools of the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC). JFSC is the Southern Campus of the National Defense University. Below outlines some important information you will need prior to your arrival in Norfolk and will help you prepare to be a student here. Once signed up online for an in-resident course in JEMIS, please review below for general guidance/instructions ahead of course start date: 


Norfolk International Airport is the closest major airport to JFSC. Please note that we will hold graduation at/about 1300 hours on the final day of the course.  Do not schedule a departure flight earlier than 1600 on graduation day.  No early departures or absences are authorized from the course. We highly recommend you rent a car while attending our course. There is limited evening dining on JFSC grounds or eating establishments within walking distance.  T


If you are in need of lodging, billeting options are expansive. Directly next to the base is the Navy Lodge. Below are some additional off-base quarters in the local area frequently used by our students. They are provided for your convenience, and not intended as an endorsement.

Hampton Inn Norfolk Naval Base

Wingate Inn Norfolk International Airport  

Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel 


The College is located at 7800 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23511. See Enclosure 1 to this document for a detailed map of the JFSC compound.  JFSC Main Gate is closed with no Estimated Time to re-open so please plan to enter NSA Gate 5 or NSA Gate 10.

Arrival check-in:

Our school is located in Normandy Hall (SC-1), the main JFSC building. Please arrive by 0730 *unless* otherwise indicated in course welcome email.  Walk in the front doors, show your government ID to the security officer and proceed to the SCIF on the fourth floor.  Follow the signs to JIS. We are located in the SCIF in the north wing of the building. We will start the rest of the in-processing at 0730 on the first day of the course. The process involves verifying your security clearance, issuing you a security badge, and completing any necessary read-ins.   Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, laptops and similar electronic devices are prohibited in the SCIF. Please do not bring them to class with you.  There are lockers located outside of the SCIF to store cell phones.


JIS does not require you to present your TDY travel orders for our courses. If your command requires, we will provide order endorsements. For personnel attending our course enroute with a PCS transfer, your orders are required to be presented and processed. It's your responsibility to obtain the proper travel documentation so that you will be reimbursed for your costs. 


While at JFSC, medical requirements are handled by the Sewells Point Branch Medical Clinic.  You can schedule appointments by calling 1-800-931-9501. Ask for "Sewells Point". 

Joint Information School (JIS) Uniform Requirements:
Military student and faculty use of civilian attire is authorized as outlined below:

  • Offsite Visits: Civilian attire (slacks and a long or short-sleeve collared shirt).
  • Battlefield Staff Rides (Normandy, Gettysburg, and Yorktown): Seasonally appropriate attire.
  • Role Playing: Civilian attire (slacks and a long or short-sleeve collared shirt).
  • Normal Working Hours/Class in Session (0730 to 1630): Athletic attire shall only be worn to/from the locker room and the building exit.
  • Non-working Hours in JFSC Facilities (Early/late, weekends, and holidays): Civilian attire (slacks and a long or short-sleeve collared shirt).

Passing US Security Clearances to NDU/JFSC:

To attend any Joint Forces Staff College classified classes please complete the Security Clearance Registration Course Application Form via the Joint Event Management Information System (JEMIS). All security clearance information must be submitted to the NDU/JFSC Security Office at least 30 days prior to class start.  The name of the college and course (JFSC-JCWS, JFSC-JCWS-H, or JFSC-JIS etc.) must be entered into the POC section of the visit request for the clearance to be identified properly by JFSC Security Specialists. NOTE:  SCI is not a requirement to attend JCWS or JCWS-H.  NDU will not initiate nor accept Transfers in Status (TIS) requests. 

For students who need to pass their security clearance to NDU/ JFSC; please use SMO Code DJJNDU7.  For questions or concerns, Security Specialist POCs may be reached at 757-443-6352/24 or via email at sso@ndu.edu.

NOTE: Waivers will not be granted for students who do not possess a current TS/SCI. Students with Interim SCI are authorized to attend; interim clearance must be obtained by owning command prior to start of class. Students who are eligible for a TS/SCI clearance but are not currently indoctrinated the SSO will provide read-in/out services the first day of class.  

All side and rear doors to Normandy Hall require a security badge and PIN for entry. Until you get your security badge, you must enter and exit Normandy Hall via the front entrance. The SCIF also requires a security badge and PIN for entry (to be issued on day-1 of the course). Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, laptops and similar electronic devices are prohibited in the SCIF.  Please do not bring them to class with you. 



Last update: 30 August 2023