Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME)

The SEJPME Course is designed to expose enlisted personnel to joint education and prepare them to succeed by improving their ability to operate effectively as part of a future joint force and supervise multiple Service members.

Admission Requirements

Clearance Requirements: Unclassified

Admission Requirements:

Rank and Pay Grades:

U.S. Army - SFC > E7-E9
U.S. Navy - Chief > E7-E9
U.S. Coast Guard - Chief > E7-E9
U.S. Marine Corps - SSgt > E6-E9
U.S. Air Force - TSgt > E6-E9
U.S. Warrant Officers
U.S. Commissioned Officers
U.S. Federal Government Civilian Personnel of equivalent grade
International Military Students, OR7 to OR9

Note: Pay grade: Individuals that are selected for promotion to E6 are not eligible. No waivers.

Note: Pay grade eligibility policy set forth by individual Services in the CJCSI 1805.01A EPMEP.

Course Overview and Schedule

Clearance: Unclassified

Type: Certificate

EJPME Level: Senior Enlisted

Reference: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) CJCSI 1805.01A, Enlisted Professional Military Education Policy (EPMEP)

Sponsor: National Defense University (NDU), Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC), Joint and Continuing Distance Education School (JCDES)

Description: The SEJPME Course is a stand-alone web-based course that uses multi-media instruction. The course contains a pre-test, section knowledge checks (quizzes), and a final examination.

Schedule: The course contains several lessons of various lengths and totals 45 hours of learning content. It is independent learning (“self-paced”) on an asynchronous schedule. Students have approximately 90 days from the initial self-registration date to complete the course1. Students that have not completed the course within this period will be automatically dropped from the course without notice. Students may voluntarily withdraw from the course at anytime. Students that voluntarily withdraw and later desire to re-register will have to start the course over from the beginning. Dropped students desiring to re-register will have to start the course over from the beginning2.

Completion Certificates: In order to receive a completion certificate, all learning modules and tests must be completed, a minimum final examination grade of 80% must be achieved, and a completed electronic course evaluation/feedback form is required.


U.S. components (active duty, reserves, Guard)
U.S. Federal Government agencies.
International military students.

International students are required to contact the International Military Student Office (IMSO) at JFSC by phone or email for additional information and instructions. Please reference the "Contact Us" page for connection information.

Prerequisites: Students should have completed their rank required Service PME prior to registering in this course.

Cost: There is no cost to U.S. Armed Forces personnel or U.S. Government Civilians. There is a fee for international students.

Computer and Internet Requirements:

The internet accessed course material contains multi-media instruction (text, photographs, audio, Flash presentations - "video") material. Systems with limited processing speeds or restricted bandwidth will not have optimal performance.

Additional Information:

Learning Material: Learning material (lessons, references, tests, etc.) is provided electronically over the internet. SEJPME information is not available in any other format (i.e. no handouts, books, or discs).

Reserve Retirement Points: The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard reserves, and Air National Guard award 13 reserve retirement points after completion and annotation of the SEJPME Course into members´ service records.

Service Credit: JFSC does not enter student completions into service records. JFSC does not have connectivity to service military personnel records systems (ATRRS, MCTFS, etc.). It is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure that their service records are updated following completion of the SEJPME Course.

SEJPME Course promotional video:


Students self-enroll via JFSC´s website by visiting the SEJPME Course Registration webpage.


Notes: As of December 2013 -

  1. Completion deadlines: Students must complete the course within the first 90 days of enrollment. No extensions.
  2. Pay grade: Individuals that are selected for promotion to E6 are not eligible. No waivers.
  3. Pay Grade: Policy set forth by individual Services in the CJCSI 1805.01A EPMEP

Uniform Policy: Not Applicable

Last Updated: 14 October 2014