Base Driving and Parking

From: Operations Officer, Joint Forces Staff College
To: JFSC Students
Subject: Base Driving and Parking Policy
  1. The following base driving and parking policy is in effect and must be adhered to during your attendance at the Joint Forces Staff College.
    1. Vehicles approaching any gate on the campus must come to a complete stop and wait for authorization to proceed before continuing onto the campus.
    2. The general base speed limit is 15 mph unless posted above that speed. Exceeding the limit will result in ticketing.
    3. Operators and passengers of vehicles on the campus are required to wear their seatbelts at all times.
    4. Cell phone use by the driver is prohibited in any moving vehicle on the compound.
    5. Reserved parking spaces in front of Normandy Hall and reserved parking across from Marianas Hall NEX are for assigned faculty, staff and visitors. Violators are subject to ticketing and or towing at owner's expense.
    6. All other students, staff and faculty have open parking in the Marianas or rear Normandy parking lots, and in the parking spaces along Mindoro St. adjacent to Okinawa Hall . Several spots in the rear Normandy parking lot are designated by signs or paint labeling the spot. These are reserved for the appropriate party.
    7. Students living in the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites are requested to leave their vehicles at their Navy Gateway Inns and Suites residences to allow commuters the ability to park.
    8. Parking on any grass surface at JFSC is prohibited.
    9. Overflow parking is allowed along two streets in the JFSC Navy Gateway Inns and Suites housing area. Please park along the curb on the north side of Biak Ave. or the north side of Leyte Ave. Please do not block driveways or fire hydrants.
    10. If you park illegally expect a ticket. If you receive several tickets you risk having the numbers associated with your DoD sticker scraped. If you find your DoD decal numbers missing you will also have a ticket requesting that you report to building NH-74 (NSA Security) near Gate 5 off of Terminal Blvd. Security will explain that you were illegally parked and issue you new numbers. If you habitually ignore the parking regulations you risk the loss of your DoD sticker and will be forced to park outside the compound and walk in.
    11. New or replacement DoD Decals for privately owed vehicles can be obtained at the Norfolk Naval Base Pass Office located on Hampton Blvd. You will be required to have the following information: (registration, proof of insurance, a valid military identification card, state inspection sticker, and a valid state driver's license).
  2. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the JFSC Security Liaison at (757) 443-6085. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Very respectfully,


Last Upated: 07 October 2008