News | Feb. 14, 2019

The Challenge of the Sole Superpower in the Postmodern World Order

Joint Advanced Warfighting School, Joint Forces Staff College, National Defense University

JFSC Faculty, Dr. Keith Dickson published "The Challenge of the Sole Superpower in the Postmodern World Order" in the Marine Corps University Journal. Published: MCUJ vol. 9, no. 2, Fall 2018. (pg 117-132)

--To pursue and support its strategic goals and interests, the United States as the sole superpower will require a complete reordering of its assessment of the post–Cold War strategic environment, which is now characterized by the postmodern condition. Recognizing the basic structure of postmodern thought that dominates much of global society and affects concepts of sovereignty, power, war, and peace is essential. Some states and non-states have already employed a strategic approach that exploits the postmodern condition. Strategists and strategic leaders must now identify the contours of the postmodernist strategic environment to develop a strategic design that allows the superpower to pursue its interests and fulfill its role of order and balance by employing the very skills and precepts that the postmodernists have rejected.