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Press Release | May 19, 2014


NORFOLK, VA - A delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Command and General Staff College recently visited Joint Forces Staff College here to learn how the school instructs students in becoming joint qualified officers.

"Instilling jointness in the UAE School is at a very young stage," said Associate Dean Dave DiOrio, Chief of Staff. "The UAE is moving toward jointness and they seek a partnership with JFSC to gain momentum."

DiOrio said the delegation came to JFSC May 14 to learn about Joint Combined Warfighting School's curriculum, and its teaching methodologies. "They wanted to discuss how the US conducts its joint professional military education. They would like to emulate our system to jumpstart their own JPME," he added.

The delegation was very impressed with the JCWS curriculum model, which is based on a joint immersion socially and academically within an interactive seminar-driven venue, said DiOrio. The delegation appreciated the "balance of civilian and military faculty and students. This mix combines the right level of academic prowess and military operational expertise," he added.

The JCWS curriculum is focused on teaching and exercising joint doctrine at the operational level of war. "We educate students to think through complex contingencies and plan for success. JCWS is a key milestone to becoming joint qualified officers," said DiOrio. "The UAE is looking at mimicking that process and reshaping their joint curriculum to focus more on their operational issues."

DiOrio said the feedback from the delegation was very positive. There will actually be two UAE students attending the next JCWS class starting in June. "The students are faculty at the UAE Command and Staff College and will have the opportunity to not only learn joint planning and absorb the JPME curriculum but also master the teaching methodology used by the JFSC instructors," he said.

Long term, DiOrio said the two colleges hope to continue their partnership by sharing lessons and interacting with the faculty.