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Staff College Seeks Community Sponsors

Release No: UNRELEASED June 5, 2008 PRINT | E-MAIL

NORFOLK – Military officers from 20 countries will begin arriving in the Hampton Roads area next week to attend ten weeks of instruction at the Joint Forces Staff College’s Joint and Combined Warfighting School.

International students are an integral part of every JCWS class. In an effort to make the international students feel welcome, the college’s International Military Student Office manages a Community Sponsor Program designed to link each student with a member of the local community. Community Sponsor volunteers assist in providing the International students a civilian perspective of American life. At the same time, the community sponsors have an opportunity to learn about another country and culture. There are no specific commitments required of community sponsors. Typically, a community sponsor might invite their student to dinner or take them on a family outing. Long-lasting friendships are frequently established with community sponsors remaining in contact with the international student long after the student returns to his country. Additionally, the College hosts a welcome luncheon and farewell dinner for the Community Sponsors. Anyone interested in becoming a Community Sponsor can call 757-443-6626.