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JFSC Graduation

Release No: UNRELEASED Aug. 27, 2008 PRINT | E-MAIL

NORFOLK – Joint and Combined Warfighting School Class 08-04 will graduate from the Joint Forces Staff College, Friday, 29 August.

JCWS is one of four Schools that make up the Staff College. Class 08-04 consisted of 250 students and included 218 U.S. military officers from the four services, 4 Department of Defense civilians, and 28 international fellows from 20 different countries. The students are completing a ten-week course of instruction focusing on National Military Strategy, Theatre Operational Planning, Contemporary Operating Environment, and Command and Control of Joint Operations under a Combatant Commander. Graduates are prepared to serve as operational campaign planners at the various Combatant Commands around the Globe as well as on the Joint Staff in Washington.

Originally established as the Armed Forces Staff College in 1946, JFSC continues to educate national security leaders in joint, multinational, and interagency operational-level planning and warfighting, to instill a primary commitment to joint, multinational, and interagency teamwork, attitudes, and perspectives.