C4I Division

Joint C4I/Cyber Staff And Operations Course (JC4ICSOC)


In order to better support today's high OPTEMPO, the Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/Cyber Staff and Operations Course (JC4ICSOC) now offers a three-week operational level resident course sponsored by the Joint Staff J6. The mission of the JC4ICSOC is to educate and train joint C4I decision makers in C4I and cyberspace concepts in the joint/ interagency/multinational environments, the DoD's organization and how it supports the C4I process, and the management and operation of current joint C4I systems. Students are required to demonstrate their learning by means of successfully completing an academic paper, classroom paper presentation, and an end of course examination.

Course Objective

The JC4ICSOC aims to:

  • Provide students with a broad understanding of approved joint C4I/cyber doctrine and current policy guidance
  • Apply thinking of joint C4I concepts and organizations to operational level of warfare (JTF action officer focused)
  • Apply skills/procedures for duty in joint or service C4I/cyber staff operations and planning assignments
The course's primary focus areas include Command and Control, Communications and Computer Systems, Cyberspace Operations, Intelligence, Space Operations, Joint Interoperability, and application of Joint C4I concepts.


Three weeks

Security Requirements

Students attending the resident course must possess or be eligible for a TOP SECRET clearance with SCI access. Students who are currently not in an SCI billet but are eligible for indoctrination can be read in for the course upon arrival. Clearances should be passed to SSO JFSCOL or via DISS SCI SMO DJJNDU7. They must be received two weeks prior to class start date. For further information, contact the SSO by Phone: (757) 443-6326/24, Unclassified Fax:(757) 443-6035. 



JC4ICSOC's primary target audience is staff officers, both military and civilian (i.e. O6, GS-11 – GS-15 and  E9) en route to C4I decision making positions requiring a broad understanding of joint C4I/cyber doctrine. The course is also available to warrant officers and limited duty officers with appropriate career field experience.

Administrative Information

The command or unit to which a student is assigned must fund travel, per diem and billeting. JC4I faculty will make billeting reservations for the National Capital Region field studies component only, but the home unit remains responsible for funding. Information on facilities/services available at the Joint Forces Staff College/Norfolk area is available through the Student Welcoming Information section. Additional course information will be provided in an electronic format, approximately 2-3 weeks prior to start date, once a quota has been approved.

Last Updated: 10 August 2023