News | Feb. 14, 2019

Relevancy to the Joint Force

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accreditation Division, JFSC, National Defense University

The  Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accreditation Division within Joint Forces Staff College conducted a thorough review of Geographic Combatant Command, Functional Combatant Command, and JPME-II student feedback and have published it's analysis on JFSC's "Relevancy to the Joint Force", published Sept 2017.  Comments from a recent student, “Just wanted to let you know how well JCWS prepared me for this job. I am way ahead of the majority of my counterparts that don't have JPME II – and there are a lot of them. You don't truly realize the value of what you learned until you have to apply it in your next job.”  Additional IRAAD findings:--"Overall, findings suggest JFSC programs and courses meet their intended missions and are relevant to the joint force. While JFSC strives to maintain relevancy through its continuous curriculum development process, maximum relevancy will not be reached until students attend their respective programs at the most appropriate and beneficial times in their careers."